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We are Triathlon!

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Sign up early and avoid a sell out race & save money.


When you sign up during Early Bird Pricing (Feb 2nd-Feb 9th) you will get 50% off another entry to Challenge Florida! You will register like normal for your first entry and then we will e-mail you a code giving you 50% off another entry for you to share with a friend. We will be e-mailing codes at the end of each day. The 50% off codes will be good for one month (until March 9th). The 50% off codes can ONLY be used on Challenge Florida 2015 and can not be deferred. Enjoy!


 2/2- 2/9/15
2/10- 4/1/154/2- 8/1/158/2- 10/1/1510/2- 11/1/15 11/2 - RACE DAY
OLY INDIVIDUAL$140$140$150$160$170$175
OLY AQUABIKE$115$115$125$135$145$150
OLY RELAY$215$215$225$235$245$250
HALF INDIVIDUAL$220$220$240$250$260$275
HALF AQUABIKE$195$195$215$225$235$250
HALF REALY$295$295$315$325$335$350

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